While the main purpose of commercial air exhaust fans is to remove dirty air from a structure, commercial air cleaners are actually quite different than ordinary small house models. As such, when purchasing an air cleaner you should determine whether you're purchasing for a residential or a commercial kitchen. The main difference between the two types is in the amount of space required to accommodate an air cleaner. An average size commercial kitchen will have more room for air cleaners. Residential kitchens however can fit anywhere from one to three air cleaners depending on the size of the home.
The size of your kitchen will also determine what type of air exhaust fan you purchase. While most homeowners typically own an electric unit that is very easy to control, there are still some models that use an actual blade system. The blade units are more expensive but they offer greater versatility in settings and can be utilized in a number of different ways. An electric model can simply run silently while a blade unit will require that the air be manually turned off before it can be used. Commercial kitchen spaces require more than just an air exhaust fan. They require ventilation duct work and also require large ventilation hoods. In addition, commercial hoods are typically available with stainless steel grills and are very easy to maintain. They are not made of the delicate and costly wood or vinyl materials found in residential kitchens.
Vent fan systems come in a variety of sizes and horsepower. Smaller fan noise options include models that produce just a high decibel sound. These options are great for homes where the average household has little to no fan noise. Picking a good vent fan motor for your home can be difficult if you do not take the time to learn about the various types of motor options. You need to find a motor that will be able to efficiently extract air and that will also produce the right noise level. Space requirements differ depending on where the commercial kitchen is being utilized. In order to properly heat and cool commercial spaces, you must provide adequate airflow. This means the fan must have a large enough fan diameter and a high enough speed to be efficient at the job. If a window fan is being used and the noise produced by the motor is keeping the window or doors from closing properly, the motor is probably not powerful enough and may need to be replaced.
Window exhaust fans are great for commercial spaces such as restaurants. They can effectively remove a substantial amount of dirty air and effectively improve the ventilation system. However, there are still some maintenance issues associated with this type of unit. The most common negative effect of this type of unit is the motor itself. These motors are extremely powerful and because they are attached to the window frame, they can easily become dirty over time. While it can be hard to keep them clean, a regular cleaning schedule and by adding a dryer on designated days can greatly reduce the need to have them cleaned. One of the main reasons commercial air conditioners and refrigerators are so popular is because they reduce or eliminate a lot of the noise that is commonly associated with kitchens and other spaces. One popular option is to install a fan over an existing window. If you're looking to reduce noise, you may also want to consider installing one of these fans, especially if the noise level is not particularly high. These fans used to be loud enough to disturb sleeping children, but new technology has resulted in them becoming silent enough to be ignored completely.



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