Today, the centrifugal air curtain has its uses in many applications. The most common one is to cool down a computer. A small fan attached to the fan board draws air into the casing of a computer, where it is cooled by the fans. The blower on the other hand blows the cooled air out into the room. The next application of this air curtain is in refrigerators. In a refrigerator, a liquid such as water is placed inside an ice cube tray. As the ice cubes inside the tray freeze, their temperature falls to zero. This process continues as the water starts to freeze further. If the water is left in its original freezing state, its temperature will increase to the point that it bursts. A cross-flow air curtain tries to prevent this from happening.
This type of an air curtain can be installed on almost any kind of cooling device, whether it's for personal or commercial purposes. It operates on the principle that the blower moves air of a certain temperature through a medium. The medium is usually a sheet of air, which is moved through a duct or tube. The air travels through a fine passage made by a nozzle. The speed at which the air flows determines the air pressure. The higher the speed of the centrifugal air curtain, the greater the air pressure created. Most of these applications are used in small refrigerators, but some have also been used in some selective air conditioning applications. For these purposes, the most common medium is aluminum alloy tubing. However, recently a new and somewhat more useful alternative to the aluminum alloy tubing has been developed. This is called the honorable vertical air intake centrifugal door aluminum casing.
This new product works by mounting a special aluminum alloy screen within the centrifugal air flow. A large amount of air flow is then created as the screen spins. This allows the user to create a fine stream of air on demand. As the screen spins, a very low pressure stream of air is produced. Because this low pressure stream of air is cleaner than a low pressure stream of air created by a traditional air screen, the honorable vertical air intake centrifugal air curtain alum casing is much better suited for the applications for which it is being used. For instance, it has been found that the use of this type of air flow can be very useful for refrigeration settings. For example, a freezer with an air flow of approximately twenty inches per minute can maintain a refrigerator's cool temperature for hours on end without the need for a cooling fan or expensive cooling equipment. Likewise, this high speed flow of air is very useful for cooling system applications. In fact, it has been found that these types of systems are able to reduce the temperature of a refrigeration system by as much as fifteen degrees in some cases. These types of systems can also be used for drying cooling systems for air conditioning applications.



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